Humble Family Records Live at Webster Hall

Backstage in the green room at Webster Hall Photo credit: Harry Fleury

On June 15th, Humble Family Records presented a full night of hip hop music with high energy and great performances by Humble Family & Friends. Every group of performers came to the stage to show up and show out, most having an entourage on stage that hyped up the crowd in major ways. The talent was consistent and the energy remained high for the entire night, from the performers to the fans. It was clear that the legendary Webster Hall was the perfect setting for these artists to showcase their talent.

The headliners of the night, Humble Mari & Humble Alvin of Humble Family, delivered an incredible performance with the whole crowd singing along to the words of their songs. They’ve taken the stage with the likes of PNB Rock at Chance Theater and kept the momentum going this June with their own headlining show at the legendary Webster Hall in New York City.

A packed house at Webster Hall for Humble Records Concert

Humble Family’s Key ensuring the night went smoothly Photo credit: Harry Fleury

Humble Family has consistently putting out records, along with visuals.


Be sure to check out their latest music video “Tables Turn,” which dropped last month, on Youtube, as well as their previous release, “My Type.” Both videos were directed by Picaso. Humble Family makes fun music with catchy lyrics that their fans have clearly all have a blast singing along to.


You can support the Humble Family Records artists on Instagram: @Humble_Alvin & @Humble_Mari and stay tuned for their new music and upcoming shows.


“If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop!” 


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