#TakeARide by KFhox out now!

Many of you have gotten to know me as the former Chief Blogger for What’s Hot in Hip Hop, and most recently the Chief Operating Officer, but you may not know that the relationship between me and WHIHH was formed as the result of me being a singer and songwriter who was being honored at the same awards ceremony as the site.

Our love and dedication to the hip hop community was synergetic and we forged ahead together. I have a ton of hip hop influence in my music and I’m thrilled to share my latest release produced by Act Won.

Go to iTunes or any major MP3 distributor (Amazon, GooglePlay, etc.) NOW to catch my newest music release #TAKEARIDE


The song is also available on Spotify and can be streamed and downloaded.

“If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop!”…and R&B! 

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