Hustle Bunny Rapper G Deps Wife is Tired Of The False Hope From Hip Hop Elite!!!

Months back I did a series of  blogs on former Bad Boy Artist , Trevell “G Dep” Coleman and his organization “GWF” which stands for The Greater Wealth Foundation. GWF was founded by Coleman and Brother Prince Jamal in Elmira Correctional Facility. Well one thing many might not have known is I am the wife of the Harlem Rapper and Convicted murderer who was sentenced to 15-Life in 2011. As a writer, sometimes I tend to think sharing my story or shall I say Our story can be perceived as a conflict of interest, yet also I am obligated to keep our readers and supporters  abreast of what is going on in our community and culture. Today I decide to share a brief synopsis of what my husband and I have going on and  trying to accomplish.



Trevell and I exchanged vows May 18,2017, at Elmira Correctional Facility. While many would cringe at the thought of being wed behind prison walls ,I honestly can say I would not have had it any other way. In a small ceremony with a few family members we exchanged vows, mine were written on a piece of paper that took me 3 months to perfect. His vows well lets just say were pretty dope. G Dep the Harlem Hang Glider spit 16 bars to me in front of our loved ones, the District Justice and Prison Officials. I was totally caught off guard and the tears suddenly filled my eyes. I was in awe, this man whom I once looked up to as an artist way before any courtship began, the emcee who wrote hits like, Lets Get It, Special Delivery and much more had 16 beautiful bars for me. To say I was humbled was an understatement when one of your favorite artist write something so touching and loving you cant articulate the gratitude it was like winning a BET Award.

Moving forward being in this industry of music and entertainment is never easy. Our marriage is anything but ordinary due to his circumstances. I have thought of a way to keep his fans and followers abreast as well as mine. Allowing the public into our union wasn’t an easy decision however, I wanted to create memories for Trevell and also give tthe hip hop community a view on how we keep our marriage alive, his music alive and we desperately need HIP HOP. Over the years I have watched many Artist whom Dep considered friends turn their backs and say they will assist but don’t follow through. So as his wife and many long talks we decided to create our new “WebDocuSeries‘ titled “No Ordinary Love”. A true and factual Web Series that is unscripted and real, our request is simple we need our viewers too share the link and spread the word. Without further ado click the link for Episode 1 of 7. We hope you enjoy the content and most of all enjoy life, love and dedication. Stay tuned as I bring you each episode and once again please share.


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