A Rare Breed: Lord Goldie

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Lord Goldie, Nashville native hip hop artist and entrepreneur. We sat down for an IG Live video to discuss the latest and greatest in the life of the songwriter and artist. However, Goldie is more than just an artist; she wears several hats within the music industry, including artist manager.

Lord Goldie

Lord Goldie was recently honored at The 5th Annual Nashville Black 4040 Awards in Nashville, an award ceremony that recognized 40 African Americans under 40 years old making an impact in the industries they serve. Despite the ongoing effects of the pandemic, an in-person ceremony was still held to honor the recipients at the Bellshire Center. The awards ceremony was presented by StayOnTheGo.com and sponsored by Nashville Voice, Unc’s Chicken and Fish, Chef Batts, Zombie Kitchen, and ASPIRE.

She recently collaborated with Allan Fine & Mimi Speyer to create a pop song called, “Hey Now,” which has already been added to a few playlists. Allan reached out during the quarantine about the song. She wrote to it and once things opened up a bit, they got together to record the song. “It’s a different record. I like it. My perception was me writing to a woman as if she was music and vice versa,” said Lord Goldie about the song. She said she’s hoping to also do a visual for the song, which is now available on all streaming platforms. Click here to play the song on Spotify.

As mentioned, besides writing and performing, Lord Goldie manages 3 Nashville artists. She just recently started managing Vib {pronounced Vibe} (IG: @wearevib)  after they moved back to Nashville from New York. With the pandemic greatly affecting live music, her main focus has been mainly administrative until the live music scene returns. She also manages Odessa (IG: @FlyMeToOdessaMoon) and Taryn Coccia (IG: @taryncoccia), both Nashville artists. All the artists have existing music on Spotify and Youtube, with new music anticipated in 2021.

As for her own music, Goldie’s been sitting on an arsenal of music that she hasn’t released yet. She’s been plotting on her game plan for new releases for the new year. She’s planning on a tentative new EP entitled “Trap Conscious 2.0,” an extension of her EP, “Trap Conscious.

We took some time to talk about the pandemic of 2020 and how she’s managed to maintain during this unprecedented time. She credited her business partner, Joe, who created a program through his company, Ether Nashville. Ether is a foundation dedicated to preserving & progressing the culture of Hip Hop, empowering young artists and content creators of the art form, and passing on the essential elements and values that help the culture thrive. https://www.ethernashville.com/

Goldie typically maintains several streams of income through various part time/ contract jobs such as food delivery, catering, and also working the front desk at HOME (Helping Our Music Evolve). With Covid essentially knocking out all these opportunities, she found new ways to make money and also added investing into her financial management to help stay afloat while the music industry learns how to redefine the new landscape of this time.

From a health standpoint, Goldie educated herself on Reiki, sea moss, and adding other self care regimens to her personal routine. She recommends products from Nashville’s own, Ray’s Holistic Haven, for various natural and organic products. She admits that she did hit bouts of depression, especially during the holidays, because of the distance from friends and family due to the pandemic. Goldie actually caught Covid at one point. She started having symptoms after going to a private event and got tested shortly after. She said that the worst of the 14 days was about 3 days long. She credits eating vegetarian most of the time as part of her recovery. Thankfully, she didn’t personally lose anyone to Covid, but she does urge the importance of self care. “You gotta be serious about your health, man,” she said in closing during our chat about the pandemic and her own personal experience.

Thanks to Lord Goldie for sitting down with me at home to chat about things and give us the scoop on the latest with her music and life in general. Be sure to follow her & her artists on all social media, Lord Goldie 615, and support her latest single, “Hey Now.”




“If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop!” 

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