Let me hear you say, “Oooo Yeah!”

In addition to my role as a blogger for WHIHH, I’m also a singer, rapper, and songwriter. In fact, it’s through music that I first connected with my WHIHH family. The evolution of our relationship has become as vast as my evolution as an artist and human being. For that, I’m thankful! Hip hop is one of my true loves and it’s taken me

WHIHH Chief Blogger KFhox at Wix Lounge

some time to become comfortable integrating it into my personal sound. I’ve always been a huge fan and it’s how I came into the role of blogging about it. Actually doing it took some time as I had such a profound respect and reverence for hip hop that I wanted to ensure I was serving the music at the level I felt was necessary.

After moving to Nashville, I met my producer, Darin “D-Roc” James, and we had an instant connection in the studio. I wrote the first single that we dropped together within the first time ever hearing the music for the song. That single was “L-O-V-E,” which came out in June 2019 and the video was highlighted right here on What’s Hot In Hip Hop.

“Fresh to Death” by Kfhox

It was just one of those relationships that happened effortlessly and immediately. D-Roc has become my family since moving to TN and we’ve been building ever since.

We took advantage of the downtime  of the global pandemic and continuously worked on music and visuals all 2020. I’m thrilled to share my first single of the new year, “Fresh to Death!” If fashion was a song, this is IT! It’s an uptempo record with a catchy hook that will have you singing “Oooo yeah” long after the song has ended.

You can hear the song on all major streaming platforms now and also watch the official music video on my youtube channel by clicking here

“If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop!” 

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