Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s Sho-Time!

For hip hop heads in NYC, Sho-time TV is a household name. The brand, founded by Karine “Sho-time” Thornton, offers an array of services and content catering to the hip hop world and beyond. Born in the birthplace of hip hop. Thornton has helped solidify The Bronx as the ongoing mecca for hip hop, where the culture and traditions were born.

No stranger to the artistic realm, Sho-Time attended the High School of Art & Design, studying architecture and animation. It was there that the seed was planted for his passion to create music. While on that path, working with producers like Tron on the Beat, he also began to venture out into various other branches of the entertainment world at large. While successfully adding those experiences and roles to his resume, he needed to create a home for all the content he had been creating. Thus the birth of Sho-timeTV, a one stop shopping media outlet developed in 2010.

After working with countless labels, media outlets, and artists, Sho-time proceeded to create Sho-time Battle Rap League in 2015. Plucking some of the most elite talent and creating an epic roster of battle rap MC’s, Sho-time continued to elevate the genre of music, particularly the sub-culture of battle rap, which has its own unique set of talent and its own dedicated audience.
Sho-time has recently been verified across Facebook and Instagram, further demonstrating his stature within the community and his expertise within the hiphop community and the media world as a whole. Be sure to follow Sho-time on Facebook and Instragram to watch what’s next for this public figure who’s making waves in NYC and beyond.

If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop!

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