Are you Xperienced?!

During 2021, many people were scrambling to find work, to pivot from an existing job, or to simply stay healthy and learn how to navigate through what seemed a never-ending barrage of challenges in  the wake of  the 2020 pandemic. This turbulent time challenged many people to find a way to keep moving forward, let alone thrive. In the midst of all that darkness and craziness, there were some who rose to the occasion and propelled themselves forward in their purpose, trusting their vision and leaning on their faith. Nichole Nunn, owner and founder of FlashMe Xperience in Nashville, was one of those rare gems. Nunn, a Nashville native and a graduate of Tennessee State University, may best be described as a free spirit, someone who clearly operates beyond what is known and constantly challenges herself to create from the heart with love and faith. In this realm of limitless potentially, she birthed her business during one of the most unknown periods in history and on February 5, 2021, she opened her doors for the first time, not sure what would lie ahead for herself or her business.

One year later, Nichole showed up dressed to the nines in a stunning gold dress, celebrating one year of success of FlashMe Xperience, surrounded by endless friends, clients, and acquaintances, who have all been touched by Nichole’s vibrant spirt, unyielding enthusiasm, and a faith that would make the biggest skeptic a believer. And just as any great visionary, Nichole has been open to change and evolution in the last year. Her business is a reflection of that. The eclectic walls of FlashMe adorned new visuals on the anniversary/ birthday this month that were inspired by Nichole’s trust and faith, along with the talent of her family and friends. Nichole spoke her testimony of faith and perseverance while attendees raised their glasses to toast to a year of triumph against all odds on February 5, 2022. Her speech was followed by a performance by Nashville’s own ViB and Lord Goldie

You can’t help but be affected by Nichole’s enthusiasm and passion. Her business has thrived during a time when so many others folded. She attributes her success to truly owning her life. “I own my actions, my thoughts, my results,” she’s quoted as saying in one her recent instagram posts. So after all this, you may wonder…just what IS FlashMe Xperience? At its most basic level, it’s an immersive self portrait gallery, but truth be told, it’s so much more. It’s a reflection of the rich history of the very section of Nashville that FlashMe is located in, right on historic Jefferson Street.

Jefferson Street was developed as the historic center of the city’s African American community, with three historically black universities within its radius- Fisk University, Meharry Medical College, and Tennessee State University, Nunn’s alma mater. It was an epicenter for rock-n-roll and rhythm and blues artists in the 1940s-1960s, as well as a center for sit-ins in the 60’s. Unfortunately, the construction of Interstate 40 across the street in 1968 led to Jefferson Street’s economic decline, but the history remains and FlashMe Xperience is a revival of the black excellence, which served as the very foundation of Jefferson Street.

FlashMe Xperience offers an array of different opportunities and experiences to explore- from bridal showers, birthday parties, photo/video shoots, etc. Many Nashville music artists have taken advantage of the unique backdrops in the space to add a dynamic flair to their music videos already, along with photo shoots, and live performances. Artists like Daisha and Triple Play Squeek are two hip hop artists who have created amazing visuals in the space.

Congratulations to Nichole and her thriving business on an epic year of success. And the best is yet to come! For more info on how to get your FlashMe experience, visit the website. You can also follow Nichole on instagram to stay connected and find out how you can support this amazing creative soul and this vibrant eclectic space that’s inspiring Nashville locals and tourists alike.

“If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop!” 

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