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Beyonce starring as the real life Olivia Pope? Rumored affair between President Barack Obama and the Queen Bey make headline news in France!

In the world of rumors, I’ve heard plenty of scandalous allegations, but this is probably one of the most farfetched ones I’ve heard in a while. According to France’s second largest newspaper, le Figaro, Beyonce has been having an affair with the … Continue reading

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Shots Rung Out At President Obama Campaign

Friday at 3 p.m. in Denver on West 9th avenue during the campaign of President Obama bullets rang out and one of them hit a window. The damage is unknown. A police spokeswoman, Raquel Lopez, reassured the press and let them know no one was … Continue reading

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Biden vs Ryan

In the Vice Presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden, and Vice presidential hopeful, Paul Ryan, it was obvious that Biden went on the offensive, Obama team’s strategy worked out wonderfully for the debate as Ryan was left dumbfounded in … Continue reading

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